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HealthyPeople is the place to start living a healthier life. We give advice, sell innovative products and are constantly up to date with the latest developments in health.

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Our most popular product, the Dreamer® pillow, was recently upgraded to an even better version. Order your new Dreamer® today and try out the pillow for 30 days without any questions asked.

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The Dreamer® pillow

With its firm MemoryFoam technology and perfect thickness, the Dreamer® pillow is one of a kind and perfect for side sleepers, back sleepers and stomach sleepers. A must-have for anyone looking for a better night's sleep.

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If you wake up with neck pain, chances are your pillow isn't providing enough support. Try Dreamer® now for 30 nights and get it delivered to your home for free!

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Discover the benefits of Dromer®

Eliminates neck pain

The innovative shape of Dreamer® provides a stabilised neck while you sleep, aligning your head with your spine.

Prevents vertebral pain

The wedge-shaped sides are at a 70° angle, which keeps the neck from twisting too much, which is a major cause of neck pain.

Improves well being

A poor pillow can lead to frequent headaches, hernia, arthritis, pinched nerves, decreased mobility and more.

Decreases snoring

Dromer®'s special design is perfect for heavy snorers, because it helps increase airflow in the trachea, making breathing easier.

What our customers say

"Tried out today for the first time after a long night shift. On average, I sleep about 4-5 hours. Since I got my pillow, I sleep 8 hours a day! The pillows are so comfortable, it feels like you are lying in the clouds. The pillow fits perfectly around my neck. I recommend this to anyone looking for a good night's sleep, I won't go back to an IKEA pillow!"


Netherlands, 51 years old

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Dreamer® Pillow


A good night's sleep is priceless. The same goes for waking up in the morning without any complaints. With the help of the latest technologies and the research of sleep experts, HealthyPeople has developed a pillow that guarantees a perfect sleeping position.

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HealthyPeople was founded to help with one of the biggest problems people face today: sleep problems caused by neck & back pain and improper sleeping posture. Diet, exercise and sleep are essential components of good health, and sleep is one of the most important pillars, where in many cases there is a lot to gain. Let us help! HealthyPeople gives advice on sleep and produces pillows with innovative MemoryFoam technology that improve your sleep quality. So are you looking for a pillow that relieves and alleviates neck, back and sleeping problems? Then check out our range of orthopedic pillows. With the help of these products, we hope to give everyone the handles they need to sleep better.

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Our customers value our services