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Frequently Asked Questions

What exactly is meant by the 30-night trial period?

We know that finding the right pillow is difficult. The Dromer® pillow is designed to fit perfectly in 99% of cases. Should this, for any reason, not be the case for you, you can make use of your right of return within your 30 night trial period. This trial period starts on the day of delivery.

How does this pillow improve my sleeping position?

Our neck pillow relieves the neck by using the concave and deep areas to support the head while keeping the neck in alignment. This design is therefore useful for improving posture and sleep quality.

It thus relieves and supports the tight muscles in your neck and shoulders, increasing blood flow to your head.

These features are especially beneficial for people with neck and back pain. It ensures proper alignment of the spine, reduces pressure, relieves pain during sleep and thus in your daily life.

How is the Dromer® pillow better than other pillows? 

Standard pillows force you to lie too flat or at a strange angle. Placing the head and neck in an unnatural position.

With pillow perfection in mind, we invented the world's first and only pillow that aligns all segments of the spine and provides pressure-free support for the head, neck and spine. This is why its shape can seem unreal.

We have tested more than 50 prototype combinations over the years to create the ideal balance of pressure-free, soft and gentle support that your body secretly dreams of. Don't believe us? Try it yourself for up to 60 nights.

Can I use Dromer® in all sleeping positions?

Of course! For back sleepers, the central cavity in the middle of the pillow will hold your head perfectly all night long, keeping it in place and providing unrestricted support and comfort.

For side sleepers, the sides of the pillow will comfortably support your head. In addition, they will perfectly enclose your shoulders, maintaining the ideal body position.

And finally, for stomach sleepers, use the middle of the pillow to rest your head. However, we do not recommend this position as it can actually damage your back and neck.

How solid is Dromer®?

Our memory foam with density adapts to your body and keeps its shape without sacrificing the soft feel you expect from a pillow. Overall, it is quite soft and pleasant.

Is Dromer® available in shops?

Dromer® is only available online on our website.

We do not sell in shops or any other shop as it increases the price 2-3 times. Shops add costs like shipping, agents, sales staff, showroom, commissions and margin, etc. We want to help so many people in the world sleep, rest and live better - all at a fair price.

NOTE: We have received complaints that other online shops are selling counterfeit versions of our pillow. We do not recommend you to buy from them. Trust the original.

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HealthyPeople was founded to help with one of the biggest problems people face today: sleep problems caused by neck & back pain and improper sleeping posture. Diet, exercise and sleep are essential components of good health, and sleep is one of the most important pillars, where in many cases there is a lot to gain. Let us help! HealthyPeople gives advice on sleep and produces pillows with innovative MemoryFoam technology that improve your sleep quality. So are you looking for a pillow that relieves and alleviates neck, back and sleeping problems? Then check out our range of orthopedic pillows. With the help of these products, we hope to give everyone the handles they need to sleep better.

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